Nexus Pipeline Landowner Group Being
Formed Now

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Statistics suggest that 50% of landowners will sign the pipeline agreements and negotiate a settlement without the assistance of an attorney. Nexus Pipeline is hoping you will make that mistake.

Attorneys Steve Davis, Craig Vandervoort and Molly Johnson Phillips are now forming a group of landowners affected by the Nexus Pipeline. Each member of the group will be a landowner whose property is affected by the Nexus Pipeline. Although all members will enjoy the benefits of negotiating from a position of size and experience, each member enters an individual attorney-client agreement. No information or final settlement amount of individual members is shared with other members of the group. In fact, we anticipate that all of our members´┐Ż final agreements will be subject to confidentiality agreements.

Many of our members will contact us when Nexus Pipeline requests written permission to survey their property. We will help you address any concerns you have during the survey phase of this project.

There are also many landowners who wait until Nexus Pipeline makes them a written offer. If you do receive an offer, do not sign it or otherwise accept it. Notify Nexus that you are going to have it reviewed by your attorneys and contact us immediately.

The pipeline company will have experienced attorneys and trained negotiators working for it. You need our proven experience in pipeline negotiation and litigation to protect your property and maximize the compensation you receive.

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