About Us

How We Can Help

We will minimize the burdens of the pipeline easement and maximize your monetary return.

FIRST: We Help you Review, Understand, and Improve Your Pipeline Agreement.

We will review your pipeline agreement and assist you to create an "addendum" (a formal written amendment to the pipeline agreement), that will minimize the burden of the pipeline easement and address your individual concerns regarding the unique features of your property.

"Protect Your Three T's"

TILES. Your pipeline agreement should set high standards for repairs to all drain tiles that includes a guarantee of the repair.

TOPSOIL. Your pipeline agreement should provide additional protections for your topsoil to address such issues as:
  1. Topsoil segregation � during construction;
  2. Compact reduction; and
  3. Prompt restoration.

TAXES. We will make sure that you understand and plan for tax consequences of the payments you receive, so that you minimize the amount of taxes you pay.

SECOND: We Make Sure You Are Compensated Fairly.

We will make sure you receive fair and just compensation for the easement and for any potential damages to your property, especially damage to your present and future crops. We call this "Maximizing Your Return".

THIRD: We will be your Legal Advisor and Trial Counsel.

Throughout the process, we will be available to answer all of your questions and help you stand up for your rights.